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Guaranteed higher UPS efficiency

IT organizations can reduce energy consumption and costs —without sacrificing reliability— with GE’s eBoost technology.

The solution

Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations as their data center energy demands continue to grow. Their goal is to reduce cost and keep the datacenter running. IT organizations can reduce energy consumption and costs—without sacrificing reliability—with GE’s eBoost technology.


eBoost™ – guaranteed higher UPS efficiency

Double conversion

During traditional operation the UPS runs in double conversion mode. Both the rectifier and the inverter are continuously operating, resulting in an efficiency of 92-94%.

eBoost single module

During eBoost operation the load is supplied directly by the mains, via the static bypass circuit. This provides an efficiency up to 99%. In case the mains voltage is out of tolerance, the UPS will immediately transfer the load to the inverter in < 2ms. The < 2ms is achieved by our patented* technology to magnetize the output transformer. The output transformer provides galvanic isolation between inverter and load. The static bypass inductor filters the input AC power during eBoost operational mode.

* U.S. Patent No. 7,372,177

eBoost in Redundant Parallel Architecture

eBoost in RPA uses high speed communication and fast digital signal processors (DSP) to parallel up to 6 UPS modules. eBoost in RPA provides up to 4.8 MW capacity and up to 99% efficiency while maintaining <2ms transfer time, compliant to the ITI (CBEMA) curve.


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